Monday, March 24, 2014

Skin Cancer And Prevention

When I heard that my favorite actor Hugh Jackman had skin cancer, I was shocked for a moment.  I thought only people who work in the field are more at risk but an actor ! this really took me by surprise. Of course he is now cured and he had his wife to thank to.  The wife urged him to get treatment earlier basal cell carcinoma . After reading of his skin cancer scare, I am now more careful and always check my body for any skin cancer symptoms .  

There are three type of skin cancer namely, Basal Cell Carcinoma , Melanoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma. The first being the most common cancer in the world and are easily treatable. Melanoma Cancer is most serious form of skin cancer and may just appear without warning. It may also appear as a mole or dark spot in the skin. Melanoma can spread very quickly and once it penetrates below the surface of the skin it can become deadly.  So it is good to be alert and have the body check often to see if there are any Melanoma symptoms and it is important to detect it early for higher  survival rate . Squamous Cell Carcinoma  is the second most common skin cancer and it is typically found ears, lips, face, hands or lower legs. It is more dangerous than Basal Cell Carcinoma for its ability to spread to other parts of the body.

Men tends to spend more time outdoors than women , so they are at increased risk of sunburn and long term skin damage due to increased UV exposure. For women, they are more likely to take notice of a suspicious spot or a mole which has changed and seek medical advice, whereas men tend to leave things longer before getting professional advice. Some men will only seek a medical advice when prompted by another person.

And after what  Hugh Jackman had undergone, his advise to all is  " Don't be foolish like me, get yourself checked and use SUNSCREEN !!! "   Yes, we have to be wise all the time . It is never late to start monitoring for melanoma, using sunscreen when outdoors and to getting to know your own skin - all are important weapons in melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer prevention and detection. 

Thanks for taking note and taking precaution when one is out in the  hot burning sun.

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