Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Piggy Jo And Her Online Jewelry Website

My Piggy Jo loves earrings especially homecrafted ones.  She decided to have her own handcrafted jewelry sold online.  To her it is a paying hobby she enjoys very much.  She personally handcrafted the earrings and necklaces during her free time in Uni. I told her to get a online graphic designer  to design her website for her and now she is waiting for it to be ready before she launch her product.  Now she only has an Etsy account to showcase all her handcrafted jewelry :) I love every piece of her handcrafted earrings. I just realised that she has this talent and I wish her all the best in this venture of hers.  A professional online graphic designer will do a great job in designing the website for her. I look forward to visiting her website when it is up and going.  I hope my readers will give her their full support too :)

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