Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Name Cards For Serendipity

When Jo started her handcrafted business online...she told me that she needed name cards for her online shop.  Starting a online business do need some start up capital.  Jewelry boxes need to be ordered in hundreds and the more you purchase the cheaper it will be. Postage fees need to be considered when naming her prices.  And last of all she needed name cards with her shop name and address and email address printed on the card.  Her graphic designer will design the logo for her , thus that save her time and energy.  I told her to get her name card printed at  wholesale trade printers . You too can check out their website which offers the largest selection of offset and digital print products . They print more than 80 different products.  I think Jo would be able to run fully in the next few months when everything is settled. Her websites, her print cards and her Etsy account is running in full force.  I wish her all the best in her online business.

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