Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Year Of The Horse - Great Year For Jackie :)

As many of you have read in my earlier post, I had a meet up with my ex-classmates just a few days before Chinese New Year. We updated each other on our family and our status...and two of my ex-classmates were already grandparents and myself recenly upgraded to mother- in- law status :)  Two of them have migrated and settled in New Zealand. 

Jackie is the most blessed one among us . She and her family have finally settled in Auckland and she has just bought a landed property there.  One of the most interesting topic was on her life in NZ  and how she managed to get a great deal for her new house.  We are so envious of her :p.  She has added a new home office for her hubby next to the guest room. She ordered the office furnitures from http://www.hurdleysoffice  during the sale period and got them for a song.  Let me show you her new office furnitures :)  I love the yellow color.  For the  chinese, yellow means prosperity and we truly wish her husband's business will prospers.

And she told us that she  pampered herself and bought a warm bean bag chair for watching movies on tv and don't you think we should be envious of her LOL!  and her bean bag chair is blue in color...hahaha we knew she will definitely pick her favorite color amongst the colorful  bean bag chairs there!  She told us she sometimes doze off while watching her movie because the bean bag chair is so comfortable and cuddly.

As you know , she recenly saved thousand of dollars  in mortgage, thus she added a garden shed for her vast garden.  The garden shed is from Garden Sheds .  Now she can continue her gardening hobby and the garden shed has provided a space for her to  keep all her extra flower pots and gardening tools. And she say each time she visits the nursery near her area, she will buy fertilisers by the kilos.  Now her husband need not grumble about her cluttered garden anymore.  Lots of space to add more gardening tools and her garden looks neat and beautiful now...gosh , before she even started her new year, she has already received many blessings.   A great start for Jackie and we wish her more blessings to come  :)

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