Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lid & Flap Stay

I was browsing through some kitchen ware on the internet during my lunch hour and I have a few items I wanted to order online .   But on second thoughts, I think my cupboard are full to the brim with my cooking utensils and kitchen wares and not to mention all my props for my food photography.  I even have to store them in boxes and till date I have not used them in any of my props.  Too lazy to get them from the boxes .  As I was browsing through , I saw a section on how to upgrade your kitchen and use your spaces to your best advantage.  I saw some lid stays and how it would help me , now with the arm not able to function as it was, a lid stay would  be great for my cupboard doors especially top cupboards.  Yea, I think I will order some online and ask WB to fix them to my cupboard door so that it will be easier for me when I have to take some stuff from the cupboard without having to hold the cupboard door while removing some stuff from the cupboard.  Great idea to have lid stays for every cupboard door.

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