Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vitamin A - Good For The Eyes

I noticed that many kids are wearing glasses from young.  Either they are looking into iPad all the time or they have vitamin A deficiency .  Adding carrots into the children's meal is good for them.  Children should not be allowed to face the computers or iPad for a long period of time. It will damage their eyesight and will cause them to wear glasses from young.  When my Piggies were toddlers, I always add carrots and spinach to their porridge. Thus , they have better eye sight than my two other nephews.  They started wearing glasses since they were four years old.  I guess my sis-in-law did not give them enough vitamin A . Lucky for them , we have an optical shop near our place that provides glasses for child and adults. They have a great selection of affordable glasses to fit kids.  Somehow it is important to add vegetables / fruits with vitamin A to your kid's meal .

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