Friday, January 10, 2014


I have a brother who stays in New Jersey .  He complained about the thinning of his hair to my sister in law almost everyday. He is very worried that he will be getting bald soon !  My sister-in-law could not stand his lamenting and told him to make an appointment with their family doctor for advise.  Actually my brother had tried many traditional medicine but the hair still drops in an alarming manner.

He consulted his family doctor as to whether he should have a hair restoration done and whether it is safe to do so.  He was told that hair restoration is on the increase with minimally invasive Neo Graft and is approved by FDA. So he  is thinking of having this hair restoration done at Hair Transplant New Jersey.  He made an appointment with the doctor and was explained about the procedure.  He was told that NeoGraft is the first minimally invasive FDA approved automated hair transplant system and it does not remove any of the scalp and there will be no scar. All they do is to transplant individual follicles to create the most natural look. And it only requires local anesthesia . My sister in law, San took the opportunity to do Botox in South Jersey . She also made an appointment with the clinic while the husband has his hair transplant done.  Talking about the husband being vain, she is vain too! But seriously , running their restaurant is taking a toll on her and she does look aged. She is also taking one of her restuarant worker to do a Liposuction in South Jersey since she is going there herself. I advised her that she has to be careful when going for botox and liposuction treatment.  They must knew what they are in for and to find out more about the procedure.

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