Monday, January 6, 2014

Steamboat Brings Family Members Closer Together :)

My Piggy Josh is working as a business consultant in the Lion City.  He came back for Christmas and he has lots to tell us :)   About his work most of the time .  It was during one steamboat dinner in one of the restaurant in town that we had a great time sharing and eating.  He told me that his cousin Bryan ( my nephew from NJ wants to get the right product fulfillment company to run his company for him .. It is important for him to get the right company because this fulfillment company will play a major role in its success or bring about challenges that Bryan rather not face.  He told Josh that he had chosen AMS  for his one time promotional distribution project and asked Josh what he thinks of it.

Bryan told Josh that AMS stands for Advantage Media Services, Inc., is a third party resource for Warehouse Management, Order Management and Fulfillment Services.  And Josh did a quick check on AMS  and found that they have a team of professionals who are experienced in the industry and they have managed billions of dollars in distribution and they ensure that the programs are well managed while budgets are maintained or proactively reduced. AMS use sophisticated systems technology, proven methodologies and for Inventory Control to ensure inventories are properly maintained, accounted for and reported upon. Josh told Bryan that he has chosen the right and proper company and Josh assured Bryan that he does not need to worry much about his project since he has found a reliable and professional to do it for him.
This is what catching up with one another is all about .  Steamboat is the best if you want to share and have fun with one another.   Steamboat brings the family together.

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