Monday, January 6, 2014

Shopping Online For Dresses Is Jo's Favorite Hobby .:)

Last Sunday I went shopping for a new dress .  I have not been shopping for dresses since my surgery.  Since Parkson Grand has their grand sale on, WB took me there to look for an elegant and suitable dress . Looking at the clothes there, it looks like Sexy Short Dresses are back in fashion again. But for my age, it is not appropriate though I would look good in them.  I saw a few nice ones that will fit my Piggy Jo and without any hestitation, I took pictures of the dresses and send to her.  She loves them at first sight and whatsapp me back to purchase for her since it is on sale now.  Well, she will look good in them.  She told me that she used to order online for dresses whenever there are sales . Buying clothes online has become her favorite hobby as it would save her energy and time to go shopping in town  .  All she has to do is browse through the website and select what she likes, click her paypal and tada in a week's time , the dress would arrived at her University.  She told me that she seldom goes shopping for dresses at the mall anymore.  Online shopping has become her number one hobby.  Great idea, I think I should do that do.  

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