Friday, January 31, 2014

First Stop - NZ ?

Recently I met up with a few classmate who were back from New Zealand.  It was fun meeting them for we have not seen each other for years. We were like back to school days.  We talked of everything under the sun . Jackie , who recently bought a new house in NZ , told us how she managed to save thousand of dollars by applying to Viventium Home Loans .  They are a highly professional and motivated team and lateral thinkers.  An attribute to have as they think out of the box and find solutions to the most complex solutions.  Jackie recommended VHL to my two other classmates and they are also looking for second property in their hometown in Auckland.  I wish I am staying in New Zealand too but,  I got an invitation from Jackie to visit her next year .  Next year...gosh I will retiring and it would be a great opportunity to start my holiday in New Zealand.

Jackie said that we could rent a car from Snap Car Rentals. She said that Snap Car Rentals offers the best and cheapest holiday on a reasonable budget. We can travel around Auckland in comfort.  They have a huge fleet of different types of vehicles to choose from so that we will have an exceptionally great experience travelling through Auckland.  It is true , she said while vacation , we need to be on our own in order to enjoy our holiday to the maximum extent possible. This rental car package includes free airport transgfers, third party insurance, 24 hour roadside assistance and unlimited kilometres. Wow, I am really impressed and I told Jackie that I will make NZ my first to visit country when I retires in 2015 :)

Sight seeing will be good for us, for NZ has many scenic and beautiful places and since WB and myself are now brushing up our photography skills.  WB recently taken to a liking to film camera.  He took his Nikon FM 10 to the shop for servicing.  He is lucky that this film camera is still in good condition. When Jackie heard of this camera , she became excited and told me that WB should bring this camera with him to NZ so that he could capture the most beautiful places in NZ.  And she wants WB to take some pictures for her so that she could turn the pictures into canvas.  It seems in NZ Photo 4 Canvas is renowed for wall print services.  Jackie knows that WB is good photographer and she jokingly told WB that it is about time that he shows his skills to her :)   We had a wonderful meet up and I look forward to visiting Jackie in NZ !

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