Monday, December 16, 2013

Hope Concert ...Awesome

WB and I attended the Hope Concert last Sunday and it was awesome. This concert is in aid of the church Street Ministry.  I did not know that our church stage is big and can hold 60 strings players.  And also thanks to our church music ministry committee members that the show was a success.  There were enough mics and the music was great. Earlier on they had ordered five gooseneck mic stand at Musicians Friend and the stands arrived in time for this concert :)  The people who came to support the concert were captivated by the young string musicians and needless to say, WB and myself were talking about it the whole night.  I will definitely go again when they come to perform next year.  The 60 string musicians are from all over the nation , during their bit for charity.  God bless them for their charitable character.

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