Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holidays Holidays :)

Everyone is going for holidays except me...I am on medical leave till 23 Dec after a surgery thus no holidays for me this year :( .  My neighbor, the whole family is going to Korea for their year end holiday. They have booked six months ago through the Matta Fair. Air tickets are cheaper during the fair and since it is winter, the package is so much cheaper and it meets the family budget. And the moment they have booked their tour , they started surfing for luggage is not a joke when the whole family is going for the tour :)  And they told me that they searched and logged on to  and found the luggages they wanted.  This website has a wide range of luggages to suit each individual likes . Design and colors.  I am happy to look after their dog for them while they are away for holidays . This is what neighbors are suppose to be :)

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