Sunday, November 17, 2013

WB DJ Friend Invited To Harvest Event

We will be holding our church annual Harvest event this coming mid December.  WB is inviting his DJ friend Mick to the event.  Mick works as a part time DJ at one of the hotels in town.  He has a good voice and really talented when it comes to talking.  I ,for one, loves to hear his voice. Last Saturday , WB and myself went to the discotheque where he is working to unwind and to our surprised the sound system was really good.  No wonder his voice sounded good and the music he played came out great.  Thanks to the music system and mixer console he had that make the people flocks to his discotheque :) We went there actually not to dance but to invite him to our Harvest event.  Hard to catch him in the day coz he will be sleeping in and  only wakes up in the evening :p  So the best time to catch him and hand the invitation to him was to visit him at his work place.  We complimented him on how great the sound system is and he told us that the manager of the discotheque ordered the Gemini dj mixers at musicians friend . No wonder the sound system is so good! Great job Mick and we look forward to his presence at our Harvest Event this coming December . 

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