Saturday, November 23, 2013

Transforming Electric Guitar To A Sitar :)

We are looking into transforming the electric guitar into a sitar for our music group .  We just heard of this electro harmonix ravish sitar at musicians friend that can transform the electric guitar into a sitar.  All we have to do is to get this gadget and fix to the electric guitar.  The Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar Synthesizer Guitar Effects Pedal has a polyphonic lead voice and has tunable sympathetic string drones that can react to your playing.  You can create your own custom scales for the sympathetic strings while you set the decay time for the lead voice.  There are two expression pedal inputs which allow you to bend the pitch of the lead voice and control the volume of the sympathetic strings simultaneously.  These very unique controls offer the player the ability to program the Ravish to become a totally unique and organic instrument unto itself.  Gosh, we can include this Ravish to our music system .  It is truly a new desgin with the flexibility to be a crossover tonal wonder.  We shall bring this up for our next meeting.  Hopefully , the music ministry will approved and the budget is there :)

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