Saturday, November 2, 2013

Start The Kids From Young :)

I believe music start from young. To be able to have good musicians for the church music ministry, we have to train them from young ...starting from the Sunday school to youth ministry.  We suggested to our music chairman that we need to really train them from young as five years old. Surprisingly , he was keen and he accepted out suggestions and is looking into starting the kids to take up a musical instrument.  From playing the drums , paino, tamborine to electric guitars.  The kids from ten years old onwards can be trained to play the guitar and we have requested for volunteer music teachers to come forward to form this music training classes during the weekends. We were grateful that most of the music teachers have come forward to help. Funds has been allocated for purchasing musical instruments especially a few kids electric guitar for the ten year old kids. We know for sure this music training will be fruitful in a few years time. We will then have the best music ministry since the kids have been trained from young :)

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