Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Next Food Avenue In Ipoh Parade

Ipoh Parade has a new 'facelift' and I love the new look...it looks so posh and great for shopping. It will be a tourist spot mall .  I had a meet up with Claire of Caring Is Not Only Sharing last Friday and I suggested we have our lunch at Next Food Avenue , the hottest food destination in Ipoh Parade.  Claire told me that the food there is worth eating and they have many choices :) Knowing my Claire...when it comes to food  mmmm ...she knows best...especially eating :p  

Upon stepping into Next Food Avenue, WB and I were impressed by the new outlook. It has a total different look from the previous food court. It has 26 stalls in two separate sections, one halal and one non-halal.  Both sections offer different cuisine, totally Malaysian style to suit the taste buds of the locals and tourists.  Claire , WB and myself were there early to grab a seat...half hour earlier before the crowd comes in. Come ,take a look at the food that the three of us ordered to satisfy our hunger pangs!  We will definitely come back for more to try out the rest of the stalls.

this crispy Skin Roast Duck and the barbecue pork from 
Restoran B-Jing
is a winner !

close up of the Crispy Skin Roast Duck and
Barbecue Pork....mouthwatering indeed !

Signature Chilli Pan Mee
and Japanese Noodles

close up of the signature chilli pan mee

Restoran Noah serves a variety of hakka dishes
and Hakka Yam Abacus is one of the dish we ordered :)

close up of the  Hakka Yam Abacus
Claire and I shared this...yummy!

not to forget.....DESSERT after a heavy meal !
Amy Crispy Popiah serves a different type of popiah
seaweed popiah and rojak popiah

we ordered one of each...seaweed and the rojak popiah 
Claire recommended this...she loves the rojak popiah :)

close up of the rojak popiah...truly delicious !

The next time you are at Ipoh Parade, don't forget to step into
Next Food Avenue and I am sure you will look for many more halal food
such as Ikan Bakar Kembung and Ikan Bakar Pari that comes with rice.

Shop and Eat till you drop at Ipoh Parade

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