Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Enchanced Audio Performance

Well, I know nothing much about audio performance but WB is good at it. He knows all the gadgets for a good sound system and at times he will talks about it before we go to bed . I don't know why I have to listen to all his music stuff but as a wife I guess I have to endure at least half an hour each night listening to his interest :p  Last night, he was talking about bss audio ar-133 di: which can be used with keyboard, DJ consoles, amplifier outputs and other electronic sources.  An additional benefit is the ability to use the AR-133 as an active balancing device. Wow, not bad I could still remember what he told me and I guess, he is helping his DJ friend to look for this AR-133. It is an added functionality and enhanced audio performance for a price that won't break the bank account. WB sometimes bored me with this talks but I guess , I can learn a thing or two from him though :)

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