Friday, October 18, 2013

WB Is A Precious Gem In My Life:)

This is a post not to praise WB but an appreciation for what he has done for me before and after my operation a week ago. He does the housework and cooks for me. Takes over my share of duty and place me on a pedestal.  Some friends said this to me, " enjoy while it lasts !" but rest assured he is truly a great husband....proven!  So, I guess it will last till my last breath :)

He not only can cooks , he is also a very DIY person!  He orders hardware online and he is good at searching for household appliances online too. This is his only hobby that at times I get annoyed when stuff arrives and his DIY cupboard is packed with stuff not needed.  He found online things that he can't get here and he will straight away place an order for it which makes me mad at times :p  except this bad habit of his, I have not much to complain . He is truly a precious gem in my life.  Thank you WB for being there for me all the time!  


  1. You are so lucky to have such a caring WB who is there for you all the time. And I think it is his way of showing his appreciation for you for being with him all the time through thick and thin. What a wonderful couple you made. May God bless you both with many, many years of togetherness.

    1. Thanks Mettateoh :) He is a blessing to our kids too :)


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