Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kenny G ...My Favourite Saxophonist

My favourite saxophonist is Kenny G :) and recently our church had a senior citizens fellowship dinner and there was a music performance by some young senior citizens. To my surprised, there was a great saxophonist amongst us which I just got to witness last month. He is Chris Toh and gosh he is so sexy ! Lol, he can be on par with Kenny G:) or rather as good as him.  I grabbed the opportunity to get to know him better and we chatted for some hours...haha WB was in awe and wished he could play the saxophone too.  We asked when he started having the interest to play the saxophone and he told us that when he 19, going into college that started his interest and his first saxophone was a vandoren zz tenor saxophone reeds at guitar center and since then he has added a few to his collections. Wow, WB and the myself really enjoyed chatting with him.I wish my Josh had wanted to learn playing the saxophone than the guitar  :p

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