Monday, October 28, 2013

In A Blink Of An Eye :p

My Piggy Josh is all grown up now...just remembering him as a tiny tot whereby I had to spoon fed him till he was five years old :p and now he has graduated and working and even has a girlfriend now ! This Momsie is of course super happy that he found his soulmate at last.  And with a great job in the Lion City, he is saving hard and as soon as his bank account has reached the amount he needed :), I know he is going to propose Elaine as soon as he is financially stable :) .Well, a momsie is a momsie... can never let go until he is finally married.  No matter what, he is still my baby for now and always will be I guess.  For the past few months, he has been asking me about jewelry and rings in particularly, thus I know he has something up his sleeves.  Mmmm I guess he is going to propose soon to his girlfriend. I told him that he can get nicer designs online since he is looking for an engagement ring . There are so many choices and I am sure he will be able to get one that will please him and his girlfriend.  I am happy and mmmm I can't believe my baby is now a young responsible adult :) 


  1. :) soon gonna have little feet running around the house

    1. Haha...not so soon leh...I think engage first * wink though I can't wait for the little feet running about ;p


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