Saturday, October 26, 2013

Autumn Now And Soon Winter Is Here :)

I have a friend who just loves the winter season.  Micheal  is such a fan of snow skiing that every winter he will book himself into Blue Mountain Snow Resort in Pennsylvania for a week.  He loves this place . Blue Mountain is one of the Pocono's premiere skiing and snowboarding destinations. And Blue Mountain is less than a tank of gas away from New Jersey region.  My brother's family will join him whenever their restaurant is closed for the weekend.  My nephews, Bryan and Shaun , love skiing too and they make a great pair.  While the younger ones go for their skiing, my sister in law and my brother will enjoy the food served at the two outdoor courtyards. They enjoys the outdoor grilling along with fire pits to stay warm while dining outdoors.  Though it is now only autumn, my nephews are already preparing their ski boards and ski pants for the coming short break at Blue Mountain :)   My older nephew who has put on weight needs new plus size ski pants  as the old ski pants doesn't fit him anymore  and he has ordered online for a few pairs.  I guess everyone is excited planning their winter break...some escaping to Florida for the sun and some escaping to the ski resort :)  For me, I wish I could escape to South Korea for some authentic kimchi :)  Nevermind, I am a fan of Korean food :)

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