Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Snugg iPad 2 Ultra Thin Smart Case Finally Arrived By FedEx :)

I can't believe it until I hold it in my hand and feel the lightness of this beautiful brown PU leather iPad smart case. Been wanting to have this light and ultra thin smart case for my iPad2 for sometime as my original cover is beginning to look worn out and I wanted a new cover for it since I am a heavy user of the iPad :p  Opportunity came for me when Kellie of Snugg.com sent me one last week :)  Thank you so much Kellie for this Snugg iPad2 Ultra Thin Smart Case In Brown. Light and Ultra thin ...perfect for me , as I have muscle injury on my arm and is undergoing medical care at the moment.  This iPad2 ultra thin smart case comes in two colors - brown and black . Beautifully designed in hot pressed PU leather  , this ultra thin smart case has 2 stand positions, cut out cameras, buttons and ports.  And one important feature it has a automatic Sleep/Wake function. Have a sneek peek at my new iPad2 Ultra Thin Smart Case In Brown . And let me show you how useful it is for me in my present medical condition :) hands free with it 2 stand positions !

brown hot pressed PU leather case for iPad2 , ultra thin  :)

comes with cut outs for cameras, buttons and ports
2 stand positions....perfect !

I can't wait for WB to put it the new Snugg iPad2 Ultra Thin Smart Case for me :)

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