Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Karaoke - De-stress Therapy :)

What do you do to destress after a hard day at work...for me, it is kneading bread and baking. I find kneading bread the greatest therapy for destressing oneself.  For my best friend Claire, she likes to sing to destress herself . Recently she was talking about having her own karaoke machine at home rather than to go to karaoke lounge with her friends...can be quite costly if she frequent the lounge often. Mmmm good idea to have her spare room converted into a sound room whereby she can invite all her friends to have a time of fun singing .  Who knows, I might be joining her for a session of singing to destress myself too if I am not baking that weekend :)  Her neighbor recommended her the exceptional vocopro karaoke machines at musician's friend   telling her that it is a good buy.  She can get a free bag to make all her karaoke equipment extremely portable.  I can't wait for her to get her sound room ready and with this karaoke machine, we can sing our favorite songs till dawn during the weekend :)               

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