Saturday, August 31, 2013

Asian Cuisine App For iPhone/iPad/iPod

I love to cook and you can imagine my excitement when I came across this app Asian Cuisine by Duoguo . Inc. and I decided to purchase it being a food blogger. The first thing that I found extremely interesting is that it has lots of useful options which  I use regularly such as shopping list and also the ability to share recipes from within the app.

I normally cook meals for between two to six persons and this app makes it easy for me. Since Asian Cuisine has more than 90 different Asian recipes from Korea, Japan, China and Thailand,  it is simple for me to cook whether I want something quick and easy or something more elaborate.  Asian Cuisine is generous with mouthwatering photos which helps me a lot in trying out new recipes. I find trying out new recipes to be very challenging because recipes from different cultures may sometimes be very alien to me but Asian Cuisine has once again make it easier with helpful photos. The photos have definitely remove any ambiguity.

I can navigate easily through the app most of the time.  Another cute feature which helps me a lot is the kitchen timer, so my dishes comes out the way it is suppose to be.  As I said earlier, I sometimes share the recipe which I tried from within the app with some of my fellow bloggers. This app also allows me to track my favorite recipes so it is easy for me to cook them again.

A worthy mention about this app is that it provides my guests who has special dietery needs as it indentifies recipes according to the recipes dietery content for eg salt content, fat , etc . Asian Cuisine is definitely an impressive and helpful app which can be downloaded from iTunes store for $3.99.

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