Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Youths Music Ministry 2013

The Youths in our church are active in many activities. They are the ones who played the worship songs during Sunday worship. Our Pastor is very happy that worship music brings the young and old closer closing the generation gap. Our older members are also beginning to accept the modern worship with the electric guitars and drum beats. Our sanctury is big thus we need to have amplifiers to boost the power since we have so many instruments playing at the same time. Someone from the worship committee suggested getting the Marshall Amps for the church music team. He has a similar one at home and he is pleased with the performance. Let's hope the rest of the music worship team will approved and this will please the youths. They will be the future worship leaders and our Pastor are supportive of any ideas that will lead the youths to be future leaders :)

Pastor Thomas has invited a professional christian singing coach to come and give training to the worship team and the music team.  He is a Pastor that we all love every much.  May God bless the music ministry and the worship team.

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