Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kids Water Game And Guitar Lesson :)

This morning we had water games for the sunday school kids.  They had a wonderful time as I see them squealing happily as they participated in all the water games.  Some came in swimsuits and others came in the Tees and shorts.  Wow...Wild Boar and I had such a great time with them :) These kids really make both of us feel young again.  After the kids water games, the older youths had their guitar lessons and Wild Boar and I joined them for a cool session :p  This is how we spend our Sundays....spending time with the kids and the youths taught us a lot too.  The guitar lessons taught by one of the sunday school teacher and it is for free.   All they have to bring with them is their guitars. The teacher brought with him to the church his newly bought exceptional fender acoustic guitar at musicians friend. The sound from the acoustic guitar is so good that even Wild Boar is thinking of getting one and join the youths for their lessons...well , if only my arms are well...I would not mind joining them too :)

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