Saturday, July 13, 2013

Inspire Your Kids To Make Music :)

Music makes the world go round and it is so true. It is said that music is truly a universal language. People of all ages have an appreciation for music.  From tiny tots that naturally bop their heads to a beat and for us we jam in our cars as we belts out our favorite songs all the way to our great grandparents that sing songs that rocked their generation. Music truly sets the background theme to the chapters of our lives.  Because of this , I sent my Piggies for music from a young tender young of four, starting with the piano and in their primary, I send them for extra lessons in playing other musical instruments like the recorders and the guitar.  And today, they are able to relax and destress themselves when are are stressed with work :) So do inspire your kids to make helps boost their brain power, improve their memory, thrive socially, build confidence, learn patience, build connection skills with others, continuously improve their skill, setting a good pattern for life, better express themselves, learn discipline and the kid will grow up to be more creative.

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