Thursday, July 18, 2013

House Warming Party :)

My colleague was given a piece land by the government under a special scheme some years ago and today, he finally got a double house built on that piece of land .  We are all invited to his house warming party which he called it a ' jamuan kesyukuran ' for the new house.  We are all excited because we have not been to the new house nor seen the design of his house.  He is good in interior designing and we know for sure the house must be well designed . We can imagine how beautiful his house would be .  After much discussions , we decided to do a collection and get a house warming gift for him and his family. I was appointed to do a little investigation to see what else he needed for his new house .  He told me maybe we could give him a poulsen lighting as a gift. It is better to get him what he needed rather then giving him something he doesn't need or already has. 

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