Thursday, June 20, 2013

Peter S And His Mission Work In Papua New Guinea

Peter S. is our mission worker now on a mission work in Papua New Guinea and he and his family is doing a great job over there. He came back last Sunday and shared with our youths on their work.  His wife is a language translator and is also a language consultant.  Wow...I am impressed with their work.  Their children are also serving the Lord . One of their son played the guitar and song lead for all their services held in their church in a small village in Papua.  We were chatting during a dinner held for them , and Bryan their son ,voiced out that they need a new guitar for their worship ministry.  Our church will sponsor some musical instruments for them and one of it is a new fender t bucket at guitar center and two tambourines too.  We had a wonderful time with Peter's family.  Wild Boar and myself are really in awe of this great family for their willingness to serve the Lord in a small village in Papua New Guinea. May the Lord bless the family with good health and happiness as they continue their work in Papua :)

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