Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mitchell Guitars Have Finally Arrived!

Wow, the youth were excited when our pastor called them to come over to the church office. The huge air flown box containing the mitchell guitars at musicians friend , arrived yesterday at the church by the courier company.  Nick and Ryan are the lead guitarist for our church music ministry and they were the first to arrived at the pastor's office :)  Boys are boys when it comes to things they love doing, they were never late for the appointment. Pastor wants them to check the guitars out and to make sure they are in good order.  Playing the guitar for the church music ministry is something they enjoy doing and you can see that they are full of passion when the serve in the music ministry.  That is why our Pastor Thomas loves the youths very much.  The youth ministry in our church has grown by 100 percent and they not only serve in the music ministry, they helped us in our sunday school kids ministry too by being the worship leaders for the kids.  I pray that these youths will continue to serve God when they grow up :)

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