Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yoga Exercise For Me ?

As many of you know that I am having some muscle and tendon ache of late, thus I have not been able to cook nor bake  and this has really put me in bad mood. I can't cook dishes that need to use my arm muscles and I can't even lift up my heavy wok and secondly, I have not been able to do strengnous exercise because it will further aggravate the pain and healing will take longer time. Because of all these factor, I need to look for alternative exercise that will help me overcome this ache :)  Claire suggested that I go for Yoga classes.  Great idea and upon taking her advise, I am now enrolled for the yoga classes.   The trainer gave me a list of what I required to bring for the class and asked me to click her for yoga mat too. I am looking forward to this classes and hope it will help me overcome my pain.

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