Saturday, May 11, 2013

DIY Cupboard Cleaning Day :)

This coming 24th May is Wesak Day and it is a public holiday for us .  Wild Boar has already booked me in advance to help him clean and organise his DIY cupboard.  I can imagine how messy and disorganized his DIY cupboard is.  Well, I can't help him much since I am having this muscle ache and tendon pain but I can be his advisor and organizer while he does the cleaning up :)  I had a quick look at his cupboard this morning and I listed down on what he needs to get for his cupboard so that his stuff can be neatly stack up .  Firstly , he needs to purchase more plastic tool organizer boxes to keep his stuff properly stored up .  Secondly , he need to order utility knife from to replace the rusty one. That is why a man needs a woman to help organize his stuff besides cooking for him :)

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