Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Diamonds Are Girl's Best Friend

Years back , when Wild Boar proposed to me, I told him no engagement diamond ring, no YES  :p  Just kidding !  He is such a darling , I would not say that to him !  Diamonds are girl's best friend and Wild Boar knows that. He proposed and I said YESSSSS and he took out from the box  the most beautiful diamond engagement ring I have seen.  The diamond stone may be small  but it brought  sparkles to my eyes when I saw the ring :)))  Beautifully set in white gold and it fits me well.  You know my Piggy Josh wants to get married at an early age ( my eyes rolled when he told me that)  Wild Boar told the son that girls like diamond engagement rings and told him to get one for his Elaine when he propose :)

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