Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Methodist Senior Fellowship Dinner - Senior Citizen Day

Claire, Wild Boar and myself attended the Church's MSF dinner two nights ago and we had a wonderful time of fellowship and eating :)   We are not that senior yet but going into that era soon :p  Anyway the dinner was held in conjunction with Senior Citizen Day .  The food was good and the fellowship with the seniors was good too. There was a presentation of praise dance and a few seniors were singing and entertaining the senior diners  :)  The dinner was held at the church concourse . The concourse was large enough to cater to 25 tables or more.  There were about 25 tables that night . Tickets were priced at RM25 each .  All tickets were sold out.  Those who missed out this year, please get your tickets early next year  :)   Early bird catches the worm :)

It was a 8 course dinner but as usual I was happily tucking in the food and chatting that I forgot to take shots of the last three  dishes :  Braised Mushrooms ,  Yong Chow Fried Rice and the dessert -  Longan In Syrup !  The first dish was as shown above a cold dish named 'Kam Yoke Moon Thong ' - Abundance of Prosperity, literary translated from the cantonese name of the dish :) I hope I have translated it right :p  It was served with an assortment of mouth-waterings food namely shrimp balls with mayo sauce, yam ring with diced bell peppers and chicken meat, sui mai , a thai salad and shrimp paste coated with bread  and fish with lemon sauce. The second dish was  Stir fry broccoli and cauliflower and topped with lots of macademia and cashew nuts....

The third dish deep fried chicken shown below is the restaurant ( Soo Kee Restaurant ) signature dish.  ' Chui Pei Kai '- Crispy Skin Chicken LOL! I am literary translating it from cantonese version. The chicken  was deep fried till the skin is crispy and the meat still tender and juicy :) topped with prawns crackers. I ate quite a few pieces...the chicken was well seasoned and flavorful.   We dipped the chicken with the seasoned salt provided which goes well with the chicken. I do enjoyed this dish very much :)  I left out the fourth dish which is the Braised Mushrooms and the fifth dish is Deep Fried Sea Prawns and the sixth dish is the Sweet Sour Groupa and the seventh dish which was  'Yong Chow' Fried Rice . We were all too full and there was a lot leftovers.   Then the last was the dessert - Iced Longan Syrup .   It was not just the food that makes the night was the warm fellowship that makes it special.

 ' Chui Pei Kai '- Crispy Chicken 

Deep Fried Sea Prawns...this was delicious
the prawns were very fresh and smell of the sea,
much as we would love to eat more, 
Claire and myself just took one each but
 Wild Boar helped himself to four pieces ! 
 And you guessed correctly, I have to deshell
for him or he won't even eat one :(

Sweet Sour Groupa...the fish was deep fried till the skin
was crispy and crunchy yet the meat was smooth and tender soft
love was definitely wonder the church keep
contract to them every year for this celebration

the church concourse can holds 25 tables at one time

a member rendering oldies with his it!

Claire came back in time for the dinner...Wild Boar and I will soon be
be part of the senior citizens of the church LOL! 
Claire is much younger of course hahaha..I better put this in writing
or I will get hammered by her  :p

Wild Boar can't wait to join the Senior Citizen Fellowship hahaha
he will be the youngest perhaps among all the seniors :p

Have a nice day !

*             *           *


  1. An 8 course dinner! Wow it's a wonder you had space to try it all, it all looks soooooo good:-)

  2. Wahhhh!!!! That Claire memang ada jodoh nak makan.... Muahahahaha!!!! The food looks soooo good, nicer than what I had - check out today's post.

  3. P.S.
    Hey! Wild Boar looks slimmer leh? You're not feeding him kah? Spank! Spank! LOL!!!

  4. all look good, which restaurant did the food come from. Want to eat when i go back to ipoh next

  5. Wizzy The Stick...yesss it was good :)

    Arthur....Claire pandai makan ma :p Wild Boar kidding? Look at his big belly ! He snack non stop , I think I have to stop baking for now :p He will sapu all my cakes that is why I have to give away to Claire and friends * wink...better Claire rounded than WB rounded eh :)

    yKristen.....the name of the restaurant is Soo Kee Restaurant Tel: 05-2545598


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