Sunday, August 12, 2012

The 4-Hour Chef- Tim Ferris

Yea....I knew I won't be able to control myself each time I see a good book.  The desire to own it is so great that Daddy have to say " if you like you can purchase it  :p . Does that mean green light for me LOL!  Seriously, this book - The 4-Hour Chef is written by Tim Ferris  - uncovering the recipes and cooking techniques that will helped me and others who are keen to cook like a pro .  This four hour chef book is much more than just a cookbook with healthy living recipes but comes with tricks and tips from world-renowned chefs and the simple path to cooking like a Pro , learning anything, and living the good life.  And comes with easy to implement kitchen techniques .  I will definitely add this to my collection of cookbook.  And I will be kept updated on Twitter for more of  4 Hour Chef update .  This book will definitely brush up my cooking skills and acquiring this cooking skills will make me a good cook I am sure , and help me get the most out of my meals !   I am looking forward to reading and getting the most out of this great book :)

Have a nice day !

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