Friday, February 3, 2012

Farfalle Pasta In Aglio Olio Style

Yea...I know , today is Friday and it is supposed to be my FFWD post but I gave it a skip this week . I have been busy the past week since I came back from my one week stint in KL. I shall be visiting the Doristas' blog to see what they have come up with this week recipe - Gorgonzola Apple Quiche . I will make this when I can find the substitute for the Gorgonzola cheese. Can't find any in the supermarket over here :(   Back to today's post................

I can behave like a child at times...for instant, when I saw this box of Farfalle at the Cold Storage @The Gardens, I have to grab a box the cute cute bow-ties hehehe.  Farfalle are a type of pasta commonly known as  " bow-tie pasta "   The name Farfalle derived from the italian word farfalla which means butterfly...the 'e' at the end of the word is the italian feminine plural ending, thus farfalle means butterflies.  These farfalle do resemble the image of butterflies though they are actually shaped like a bow-tie :)  I prefer pasta to rice anytime.  Love them in my salad too :) I used to make pasta salad for the Piggies when they were kiddos but now they still crave for it.  Each time we eat out at Tony Romas, they never fail to order pasta for I guess they got the cravings from me LOL! or the other way, I got it from them :p   I whip up a simple and delicious pasta meal for was good with the pan seared salmon slice....YUM YUM YUM !

I love salmon and I think I have been eating salmon very often of late :)  I love them smoked, baked in papilotte/paperbag or simple pan seared or even raw as in sushi.  I pan-seared the salmon to go with my Farfalle pasta.  I prepared the farfalle in Aglio Olio style, added in some sun-dried tomato and carrots slices and a sprinkle of mixed dried herbs and it turned out fantastically yummy ! 

it took me less an hour to prepare this 

Farfalle  in simple Aglio Olio style.....
if it is tastefully done...I bet my Piggies will not order
anymore from Tony Romas LOL! 
Just kidding, they still do that each time we eat at TR  !!!!

Have a great weekend !

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  1. Looks good. Oooo...salmon? My daughter would love this! Must be missing it a lot since she came back from NZ...

  2. Just dropping by to wish u Happy CNY, Elin! Lovely fish & pasta dish :) Did u cook a lot for CNY?

  3. Gong Xi Fa Cai Elin ! My kids love salmon too, shall make this for them soon.

  4. Looks delicious! Hubbs like pan seared salmon and I get the boneless fillet with skin on, I sear that til crispy!

    Cupcakes look drool-icious!

  5. That salmon looks really good - so does the salad! Such lucky piggies :-)

  6. The pasta and salmon look delicious!

  7. favourite too! Looks great to serve with pasta.

  8. That looks like a great meal! I am a sucker for bow-tie pasta as well. :)

  9. i like to try pasta salad one day..i must really go and look at your archives when i hv time and get some ideas.

  10. Arthur...yea I guess she miss those from NZ. Fresh and cheap too :)

    Blackswan ...thanks :) nope I went to spend time with my gal for a week.

    Sonia...same to you :) and it is good that kids love salmon :)

    Lynne...I love salmon...give me salmon everyday , I dont mind especially pan seared ones :)

    Cher...hahaha yea they are the lucky ones :)

    Yummychunklet....delicious to the dot :)

    Angie...yea great with the pasta :) too! :))) was the meet-up? I am sure you had a wonderful time :))


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