Sunday, April 24, 2011

5 Recipes To Celebrate Easter

HAPPY EASTER !  I have been invited by Anncoo of Anncoo's Journal to place a menu tagging game for the Easter party.  Rule of the game is to suggest 5-10 recipes and upload the photos with their respective links. After that , I've to tag 10 bloggers to the same.

Here is my Easter Menu from my past recipes ( Click on the title for the recipes )

Here are the 10 people I would like to invite for the Easter Party

1)   Mary of  One Perfect Bite
2) Lena of Frozen Wings
3) Gertrude of My Kitchen Snippets
5) Reese of Reese Kitchen 
6) Christine of Christine's Recipes
7) Kate of Diethood
8) Cheah of No Frills Recipes
9) Biren of Roti n Rice
10) Mary Moh of KeepSmilingKeepLearning

HAPPY EASTER to all readers and  friends celebrating Easter :)


  1. Yum! Yum! This is torture! Mrs. not cooking anything special, same as any other day...and I'm not invited to Elin's Easter party! Sobs!!! LOL!!!

  2. Mmmm...these look amazingly good. Perfect for any Sunday! Anncoo tagged me too, so I had to see what others were bringing! :D Happy Easter!

  3. WOW! These are really nice spread for Easter party! Have fun :)

  4. thanks for the invitation, i'll have to see what to bring and what to wear!!

  5. What a treat! That sounds like a delicious Easter to me!!!

  6. Delicious Easter menu! I love jellyfish! :)

  7. Elin, I would love to participate but I think I am kind of late. Easter is coming to an end already. Maybe we can do this next year and a bit earlier :)

  8. Arthur....hero don't SOB..shed blood only :p come to Ipoh...take you out to eat lo :)

    Lyndsey...:) let me see what you brought for the Easter party :)

    Anncoo...thanks for inviting me over for the Easter party :) what did u wear to the party..rabbit suit :)

    Daphne...yesss it was one good Easter :) too, restaurants are using them as a delicacy :)

    Gertrude... I got invited late too :) it is year I have make sure Ann gave the invitation early too :)

    Belly Good Looking....thanks for dropping by :)

  9. Very Nice Creation you got!


  10. A wonderful spread...everything looks delicious! Thanks for tagging me :) Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  11. Papa Cheong...thanks :)

    Biren...thanks . Same to you :)

  12. Oh everything looks just scrumptious!! Especially that Longan Jelly... wow!

    I hope you had a great Easter!!


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