Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oreo Chocolate Doughnut

I would like to dedicate this to Quinn of Quinn Baking Diary .I remembered sharing about this baking cookbook I bought sometime back and she left me a comment that I just have to oblige :))

Quinn said..."Elin, make the dougnuts shown in the book cover!!! Look so delicious, I want the recipe!!!! "

How could I resist after reading her comment.....So Quinn this is for you :))

I know I have to try it out before I share out the recipe. * you know, at times recipes in cookbook may not turn out at all *
I took the opportunity to try it out last night and gosh it was one of the most beautiful and tasty doughnut I have eaten. The texture of the doughnut is soft and fluffy. And the first thing that Piggy Josh said when he saw this was  " Mom , this look like those doughnut from Krispy Kreme ! , wait, let me take a shot of it before we eat them " head swelled for a moment.  So no one get to eat till the two home  " food paparazzi " had their session with these beauties :))  Now you know why I love having my Piggies with me. My bakes are most welcome by them :p

Oreo Chocolate Doughnut - adapted from Cadware Baking Cookbook

Basic doughnut
130ml  fresh milk
4 gm instant yeast
1 (60gm) egg  - Grade A

250 gm high protein flour
50 gm plain flour
20 gm custard powder
4 gm salt
35 gm caster sugar
25 gm anchor butter


 1.      Dough : Mix ingredients A. Place ingredients B in a CW electonic Food processor & Blender ( I used Philips food processor ). Use double-bladed steel knife to blend. Add ingredinets A, blend well until a soft dough is formed (takes about 2 minutes )
 2.      Cover dough with a damp cloth, leave it and let it rise in a warm place for 20 minutes before cooling it in refrigerator for 30 minutes.
 3.      Flatten chilled dough to 1cm  thick.  Press into identical doughnuts with a mould. Line them on a tray and leave them to prove for another 30 minutes. ( I left it to  prove for more than 50minutes for I was busy watching American Idol  :p )
 4.      Deep fry the doughnut rings in preheated oil until golden on both sides.

Orea chocolate coating


(A   150 gm – cooking chocolate ( I use semi-sweet )
(B   120 gm – oreo cookies ( finely crushed )
(     60 gm - white choclate


1.      Melt chocolate ( semi sweet ) and white chocolate respectively over hot water.
2.      Coat the cooled doughnuts with melted chocolate(  semi sweet ) , then coat crushed oreo cookies on top.
3.      Decorate doughnuts with white chocolate lines.

Enjoy !

Have a wonderful weekend !!!

Coming up will be Green Tea Chocolate  Doughnuts for drool...
stay tuned * wink

*        *        *


  1. Wow, so tempting and they look so cute. When you hear compliments about your work, it's so gratifying and satisfying! Hey, I'm the first, so do I get a sample?

  2. Hi Cheah....LOL! you are a better baker than sifu * wink

  3. They look great....great comfort sweets!

  4. wow...I love doughnuts!! adding oreo's to them even makes them better!! and you did a great job with them they look fantastic!!

  5. Wah! Looks so good! Have been wanting to make doughnuts for a long time...yours look yummy!

  6. If this isn't a people pleasing donut, then I don't know what is. Great pictures too!

  7. Oh Elin! I can't take my eyes off this beautiful doughnut. Looks so good! I bookmarked it!

  8. These look amazing! Wish I had one right now with my morning cup of coffee.

  9. These are so tempting! I got to make some doughnuts next week. My kids love it very much too, especially double chocolate flavour! Have a great weekend!
    Regards, Kristy

  10. I need this badly. It's a long I have not eaten doughnuts....poor me :( Yours is way better than what I have seen here!

  11. Oh, gimme one (or two) of that doughnut pls!! I guess since you're in Ipoh, I may just have to try out this recipe myself one day ;)

  12. These look delicious! Great job! I usually am not a fan of doughnuts ( I know, I know) but these made me want some, BAD!

  13. Oh.



    Give me one.

    Give me two.

  14. my daughter keep asking me to do donut again, I must do this for her, look so nice, first I must go buy some Orea first.

  15.! LOVE IT!

  16. Hi to all of you lovely people who dropped by to drool,

    Thanks for leaving me kind words :) Hope you like it :)

  17. Oh My God!!!!! Elin, thank you so much for the recipe. I really gotta make this. Thanks so much.I've been so busy lately and so sorry I saw this so late!

  18. are welcome to the doughnut try out the green tea you will love it :)


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