Sunday, April 18, 2010

Green Tea Chocolate Doughnut

I still have not got over this doughnut craze yet, I love the frosting of this green tea chocolate flavor on soft fluffy doughnut. Every bite was tasty with gloriously smooth green tea chocolate frosting that makes this doughnut different from others. The aroma of good quality green tea and the not overly sweet chocolatey frosting earned praises from the Piggies. As promised , I have posted up these delectable pieces for virtual drooling...please don't blame me for enticing you with these food will definitely have you entranced  :) 
Seriously, I have yet to taste anything so delicious. The fusion of east and tea and white chocolate...truly a great combo and it transforms a simple doughnut into a heavenly piece of goodness and every mouthful will have your eyes.rolling. backwards.into.head. This is a keeper for sure. A great dessert to bring for pot luck parties. I had so much fun making these and my heart was filled with a happy and satisfied contentment!

dip the cooled doughnut on the green tea chocolate 
don't is not overly sweet...perfect for a 
person who does not have a sweet tooth :)

 green tea flavored chocolate frosting on a simple doughnut 
can bring so much satisfaction ....

hope I have you entranced...;p ;p :) 

Green Tea Chocolate Doughnut - adapted from Cadware Baking Cookbook
Basic doughnut

130ml  fresh milk
4 gm instant yeast
1 (60gm) egg  - Grade A

250 gm high protein flour
50 gm plain flour
20 gm custard powder
4 gm salt
35 gm caster sugar
25 gm anchor butter


 1.  Dough : Mix ingredients A. Place ingredients B in a CW electonic Food processor & Blender ( I used Philips food processor ). Use double-bladed steel knife to blend. Add ingredinets A, blend well until a soft dough is formed (takes about 2 minutes )
 2.  Cover dough with a damp cloth, leave it and let it rise in a warm place for 20 minutes before cooling it in refrigerator for 30 minutes.
 3.   Flatten chilled dough to 1cm  thick.  Press into identical doughnuts with a mould. Line them on a tray and leave them to prove for another 30 minutes. 
 4.  Deep fry the doughnut rings in preheated oil until golden on both sides.

Green Tea chocolate coating


(A   150 gm – white chocolate 
      10 gm green tea powder


1.      Melt  white chocolate  over hot water. Add green powder and mix well.
2.      Coat the cooled doughnuts with melted green tea flavored chocolate , 
3.      Decorate doughnuts with white chocolate lines on top of the green tea chocolate frosting.

Have a fun baking Sunday :)))

Edit on 4/21/2010   : This recipe won a place in Foodbuzz Top 9 Today - 4/20/2010 :))

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  1. The doughnut looks very pro!! I shall try to make doughnut myself next time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just finished my hi-tea with Cheah and now came over to grap a few doughnuts for dessert! hahaha.... YOu don't mind hoh! Have a pleasant evening!

  3. You have been in the mood for the doughnuts! I love the green tea flavour!

  4. Is breakfast time here and I am hungry just looking at the donuts. I already bookmarked this recipe to try out soon.

  5. Grace are welcome :)

    Kristy...haha you have great appetite * wink. Same to you , have a great evening yourself :))

    Angie...I love this green tea flavor with the chocolte ...great frosting for doughnut :)

    Gertrude...haha sorry to make you hungry :p have a great sunday :))

  6. wow.. i see i saw.. but no chance to taste.. too bad tomorrow is a holiday.. hahaha..

  7. Funny I am enjoying a cup of Matcha tea and I came across your recipe. Sure would love one of your doughnuts to go with my tea:) Nice photos!

  8. Claire...all in the stomach adi :)))
    after all the Penang food it is best to let your stomach rest for once :p

    Spicie Foodie...great with a cuppa matcha tea :))

  9. That is a beautiful doughnut. WOW! This is the type of creative thinking that inspires me...wonderful job. Cheers!

  10. How fun! I had something like this at Japonais in Chicago, but the pastry was served separately from a green tea ice cream sort of thing. This is better :)

  11. Beautiful looking doughnuts! As far as I love to take a big bite, I would also love to look at them before I can't help but grab one!

  12. Thank you for the dnut recipe.. my boy fav.. must make for him... :D

    happy dance...

  13. Lazaro...yea, I thought the same when I flipped thru the cookbook...waht a creative doughnut. I knew I had to make it :)

    Mae...good idea to have ice cream with it :)

    lululu.... please help yourself to one :)))

  14. i was thinking of making white chocolate and matcha green tea pound cake, but I saw your post.. hmmmn.. this is even better. i will keep this recipe. thanks for sharing.

  15. Cath J....hope your son will love this especially the Oreo chocolate doughnut * wink

    Jescel...thanks for dropping by. Hope you will love this doughnut with green tea chocolate frosting :))

  16. Hi Elin,
    I'm drooling at your green tea frosting!

  17. Green Tea Chocolate? That is amazing.

  18. Blessed Homemaker...thanks for dropping by...drooling would not satisy your craving...try making them :))

    tigerfish...of ll the frositng I have tried, this is the best frosting for doughnut :)

  19. oh yummy doughnuts!! have u tried by putting filling inside ??e

  20. Swee San...filling inside the doughnut? hahaha no...what fillings to put in ? Tell me...I also want to have I can imagine how good it will be to have fillings inside the doughnut :))

  21. I nominated this wonderful blog for an award. Please check it out here!

  22. Green tea topping....makes this doughnut looks so special! Love it.

  23. Lazaro...thank you so much for this lovely award :)) It is indeed a pleasure to receive it :)

  24. Mary Moh....yup the frosting is special and the most delicious green tea chocolate frosting I have ever tasted :)

  25. Are you serious? This is ridiculously awesome.

  26. lately you very serious in baking huh, this is nice one!

  27. Hi Belinda....yesssss...this green tea chocolate frosting is best!!!

    Sonia....haha I am , now with the Pigggies at home...ome month of sheer baking and cooking :))

  28. What a fun flavor combination! I like the color a lot, mm – spring green! Great.

  29. Linn...haha I love the spring green color too. But the taste and flavor - AWESOME ! Thanks for droping me a line here :)

  30. East meets West! This is such an inventive idea. Congrats on the well-deserved Top 9 on Foodbuzz today! :-)


  31. is truly a great frosting for doughnut..fusion of east and west :) Congrats to you too for making it to Top 9 with your chocolate clouds :))

  32. Oh my god, this is absolutely amazing! Why can't Dunkin Donuts have this?

  33. This doughnut definitely deserves a space in Top 9! It's so lovely, I love the colour very much.

  34. Congrats! This delicious doughnut sure deserve a place in Top 9!

  35. Rick, Jeannie and Cheah,
    Thanks so much for your kind words :)

    Do try this frosting , it is the best I have tasted so far as frosting for doughnut is concerned :))


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