Saturday, March 6, 2010

Seashell Bahulu / Seashell Sponge Cake

Ain't this cute? They are so cute right? Well..a dear friend of mine brought this seashell pan  back from the US specially for me as my belated  birthday present...ohhh I am so blessed indeed try guessing who gave this to me. You will know if you have read her blog. Keep guessing...I will let you for the time being keep guessing..... Of course I can't wait to try it out....knowing me ! LOL!
This seashell pan has 24 shells design on it...beautiful seashells...I can just drool on it the whole day if I have the time so I decided to post them up here so that I can glance at them and thinking what I want to make using them...chocolates? jellies? and little seashell cakes for kids party? Wow..this is so cool, thank you so much for this belated present dear . ( I am not telling here..I let my readers guess first ...:p) but you know who you are :)).. Thanks, I treasure this not just because this is cute but coz of your thoughts :) Thanks.

I made kuih bahulu for breakfast snack for Piggy girl. One load can make 48 pieces of seashell...haha in 15 minutes all gone. This recipe was taken from Anncoo's blog . The taste is wonderful and I am definitely using her recipe again. Sweetness is just right and this is wonderful for kids parties. Now I know what to bake for the kids in my church.

beautiful seashells.....right? Envy me :p

the beautiful seashells bahulu to tempt you....for the weekend :p

Kuih Bahulu ( taken from Anncoo )


3 large eggs,
90 gm castor sugar 
1 tsp vanilla essence
90 gm plain flour
3/4 tsp baking powder


1.  Place a greased bahulu mould into preheated 190 C oven.
2.  Whisk egg at full speed for one or two minutes until light, pale and fluffy.
3.  Add sugar and vanilla extract and beat at full speed for another full speed of 1 - 2 minutes until thick and   creamy. 
4.  In another bowl, sift together the flour and baking powder. Fold lightly into the above mixture with a hand whisk.
5. Grease the heated grease mould again, scoop batter and fill to the top of the mould.
6. Bake at 190C for 7 minutes or until top is golden brown.
7. Remove kuih bahulu from mould with the aid of a skewer and leave to cool on a wire rack. Continue with the rest of the batter ( Step 5 - 7 )
8. Store in an air tight container.


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  1. The mini cake mould is so very beautiful and cute! Yes, I envy you!

  2. Something new from what we see the kuih bahulu all the while...cannot wait to eat them all up, look so kawaii :D

  3. Wor Wor, this cake mould is beautiful, unlike the bahulu cake mould here, so heavy. Like Angie, I envy you ! I have not bake kuih bahulu before, must try one day.

  4. Oh..I like the pan!!! I will go crazy if I have one! Is this Nordicware cast iron pan? I have the roses one and can't wait to use it. People like us sure go gaga over such treasures :). Anyway, your kuih baulu have really nice golden brown color!

  5. this is so cuuutteeeeeeeeeee!!

  6. ehhhh....this my favourite!!!
    Miss that for this CNY. My mom was suppose to make this, but she was not feeling well the week before CNY..too bad..:(

  7. Yea Yea I'll go crazy Too!!!beautiful pan and m soooo jealous!

  8. oh teh kuih bahulu is super cute too!!

  9. The mould is so cute! Really envy you.

  10. he..hee...Elin, So sweet of you....
    I like that cute mould. Let me know where can I get this in US...Thanks!

  11. Wah! So nice! Where did you get it in US? Since I will be going next weekend, will you let me know ASAP? Thanks Elin! ;)

  12. These look so cpretty. I must go and get that mould.

  13. The mould is too lovely. Where did ur friend get that??

  14. Hi all...:)

    Thanks for dropping by to take a peep at this cuties :p not only cute but taste good too. The cute seashell pan is given by a dear friend and she ordered it online. Try and see.

    Joslynn : Yup, it is :) Can't wait to see your roses design. Do bake something with it and show me :))

    Anncoo: Thanks for sharing your recipe. It is good. I love it. You have to order it online.

    Bee Bee: My dear friend ordered it online. They don't sell in the shop. Ask Joslynn..she may know the site for it coz she has the roses one. Have a nice flight to US and enjoy yourself :)

  15. LOL! I know the Santa behind: It was Gertrude!!

    They look so cute!! Love your kuih bahulu! I myself am a Nordicware fan!

  16. Normally, these kind of moulds are quite costly if order from the site. But when you gone crazy for it... you won't care how much it cost! haha.... The local one still OK LOL! But I won't mind if someone going to gift me this! hahaha...

  17. The shapes are so cute! This reminds me of my childhood.

  18. Lovely! Too beautiful to bite into it:D

  19. Yes, i know who gave u that.. so got prize for me if i guess right? ok ok, i got my prize already, i know.. thanks for the lovely yummylicious seashells sponge cake, Elin!!
    i can eat endlessly...hahhaa...

  20. Hi Pei got it correct. Gert got it for me as my belated birthday present :) Clever girl :p but no prize for you and Claire :)

    Hi Kristy...haha yup costly if we order with our currency :p

    Hi pigpigscorner...cute right? haha my seriously this recipe is good :) you won't stop eating yummy

    Hi Jeannie...yup it is so cute that you just dun want to eat them but it is so delicious good that you also dun wnt to stop eating them lol!

    Hi Claire....I make them just for you guys..glad you like it :))

  21. wow ! the cake mould is so cute !!!

  22. They are definitely cuteeeeeeee. Ya, this kind of pan is quite costly even if you get it from the store in Canada/US. If ordering online, the shipping cost will cost more than the pan. : ) Elin, save me some seashell bahulu ......OK. I will claim them when we get the chance to meet. Ha! Ha!

  23. Hi Swee San...haha yup, I so in love with it that I make kuih bahulu again and again with it since I had the mold with me :p Claiee and a few of them were the lucky ones..:))

    Hi Ann ...haha sure :)Will be sending you what I promised you . Just that I have been busy with work project. Will get it done soon ** wink,wink

  24. Elin, I love all of your cake posts really. I am really not good at making dessert. Yours looks always that perfect.


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