Friday, February 5, 2010

Kuih Bangkit ( Tapioca Flour Cookies ) - CNY

Kuih Bangkit ( Tapioca Flour Cookies) is a must have item for the Chinese New Year festive becoz Daddy loves them. Especially those crispy yet melts- in- the mouth type. I would normally order them from my friend but this year I decided to try making them myself. I have checked out a few recipes and compared them and finally I settled for the one shared by No-Frills Recipe. And after preparing the flour a week ago, I finally managed to find the time to bake them yesterday.  It turned out great...really melts-in- the mouth type. I could not get the wooden mould in time so I just use a cookie cutter instead. Simple in design but taste good as the saying goes " Never judge a book by its cover "  :p  A big  ' thank you ' to Cheah of No-Frills Recipe for sharing this recipe.

fun cutting out the dough for baking

crispy and yet melts-in-mouth..yumm

Daddy likes it more burnt :)

I can't stop eating them ...they are addictive

Hop over to No Frills Recipe for the recipe 

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  1. Thanks for the link! I've been so curious about making these cookies. 8-)

  2. Just what I would love to have for Chinese New Year. Yours look delicious!

  3. Hey Elin! I want some...I did not make kuih bangkit this year...please pass some to me. hehee...

  4. I can tell they are very addictive too!

  5. hat looks really good!! ill try ill try!!!

  6. Glad you like it, Elin! You make them thick, so got more to bite, good thinking!

  7. I'll make these for this CNY! And I mean it! Argh ... I feel a bit too slow now ... Hahahaha ...! Yours look so good though thicker than usual ones. =)

  8. Hi Tangled are welcome :)

    Hi Mary... thanks :) dun judge the appearance Lol! it really melts in the mouth.

    Hi Anncoo...if you stay in Ipoh I willgive you a tin :p

    Hi Kenny... yup very very addictive :))

    Hi Zurin... you must try it for your next raya :)

    Hi Cheah...thanks for sharing the regrets trying it out...yummy :)

    Hi Pei Lin...haha yup slightly thick hor but it is yummy I get the oomph when it is thick lol!

  9. I love eating these but they are a pain to make.

  10. Hi pigpigscorner...yup the frying the flour part...imagine standing there frying for an hour...:)

  11. Very tasty recipe. Thanks for sharing!


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