Friday, November 27, 2009

Matcha Buns's been a long time since the last time I baked buns. And the bun baking craze is back again..I can feel it in my bones...the hands are itching to knead and at the same time massage my knuckles :p Well, actually I just wanted to finish up my matcha powder. I have not been making ice cream too for quite a while now, come to think of it , haha too much cream not good for my arteries and heart and my waistline of course.... yea I can be vain at times like this....going downhill is not fun at all :p shhhhh... I meant 25 going 26 * heehee , see how vain I am when it comes to revealing my age ! Sorry for the digress....back to this bun...I took the same recipe from Cheese & Salami Twist just add in the matcha powder....that's it! Garnish with sunflower seeds is crispy on the outside , moist inside and slightly compact though. Daddy likes the texture and I love the matcha fragrance...mmmm so refreshing and yummy :)

bun making is a good therapy for me.....
it is so soul refining hahaha

waiting for it to proof is the best patience testing ever!

wow...the finale...out of the oven..well- shaped buns
and the fragrance is so good...mmmmm
my tongue is smiling!

before eating them I always parade them for my
food pornography photography session :p

a close up of the well baked bun :))

slightly compact texture but nice just the same
as long as my tongue is smiling is okay with me

parading them in a row waiting to be executed LOL!

last glimpse before execution !!!

** if you want matcha buns just add 2 tsp of japanese matcha
to the milk mixture.



  1. hey.. i have executed a few buns la.. and the green tea taste is there... very healthy bun, i would say... thanks Elin.. i love executing your foodstuff.. the best job i have so far!!

  2. I love everything with green tea :D Of course this is included.

  3. I love matcha, and I love all kinds of bread! Elin, these are great for a healthy breakfast with a glass of soya milk.

  4. I've been itching to knead too! arg.. kneading breads are so addictive. You've got really soft texture matcha buns there. They look delicious!

  5. I would love to have some coffee cream in it! Again, Claire the lucky one! =D

  6. Hi are welcome...healthy no doubt :) executing sounded so terrible LOL! Glad u ate them without complaining :))

    Hi too..I am a die hard fan of green tea :)

    Hi Angie...yup a healthy bun no doubt. I love the smell of matcha especialy those from Japan :)

    Hi Tracie...yay...I thought I was the only one itching to knead haha good how to see more buns recipe from you :p

    Hi Kristy...haha yup let her grow sideways and not me :p

  7. wahh they look so soft! I'm imagining myself eating one with kaya...yum

  8. Hi pigpigscorner....yup the matcha is so refreshing and fragrant :) Texture is moist though slightly compact otherwise it will be perfect :)

  9. Hi pigpigscorner....yup the matcha is so refreshing and fragrant :) Texture is moist though slightly compact otherwise it will be perfect :)


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