Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cooking Lessons With Chef Amanda Cushman

I’ve been told that I cook well, that I’m more than adept at the kitchen and that at the end of the ‘magic spatula’, things come alive. Flour and eggs and butter and sugar march military style into my mixing bowl and a cake is born. A swirl of batter, a toss of dough, a pat of pastry and delectable aromas waft all the way from the oven to leave an hypnotizing scent, tantalizing and tempting even the most adamant dieter.
What my ‘fans’ (ok ok, I admit, in this case I refer solely to my two piggies who grew up eating my cooking having little or no other choice, but love it nonetheless =p ) don’t know is the effort that goes behind my ‘expertise’ in the kitchen. I wasn’t born wielding the golden spatula. The only reason I’m able to hold a knife and chop at record setting speed whilst carrying on a heated discussion with my then teenage daughter on the merits of eloping versus a full fledged white wedding (yes, my daughter has the tendency to come up with ‘fantastic’ ideas enough to cause any other mother to chop off her fingers if only in exasperation) comes from umpteen years of experience, chopping, getting scalded, ‘practising’ and painful sometimes less than fruitful trial and errors before I stumble upon the perfect recipe.

Advancements usually come too late, and that is the case when I recently heard about Amanda’s Cooking Classes Los Angeles and boy how I wish I could turn back the hands of time ! Imagine how much heartache and pain I would have been spared in the kitchen if I had had someone guiding me and teaching me the right approaches in the intricate art of gastronomic delights. And what’s more, Chef Amanda Cushman offers private cooking class at your home or business teaching hands on. Chef Amanda also caters to private classes of two to twenty and has established a name for herself after coming up with hundreds of recipes for cookbooks. Click Cooking Classes LA for her different types of classes. Amanda has many cooking classes in Los Angeles to choose from.

Christmas is just around the corner and imagine presenting your loved ones with a truly homecooked meal courtesy of Chef Amanda's expert advice and counsel in the kitchen. The joy and expression on your family's faces .......priceless.


  1. wow Elin! u really can write a good review.. i love it.. u r a born writer as well as a good CHEF!

  2. @ reanaclaire : I am just polishing up my English. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement :))

    @ My Little Space : Yup, none so my friends over in US are the blessed ones! :))

    @ Miranda: Thanks Miranda, for dropping by and always leaving me kind words. I feel very encoauraged by you :))

  3. Its great what you are doing !

    By getting people back to cooking you are helping in soooo many more ways.



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