Friday, August 28, 2009

Cheesy Roll by Water - Roux Method

Everyone in the family knows that I am crazy over bun making :) My other half gets worried when he sees my scale and all the baking ingredients on the table … “there she goes…in a world of her own ” :p Nothing beats the joy of kneading a piece of pliable dough, I find it very therapeutic and truly I am in a world of my own , the end result…a tray of yummilicious herbed, cheesy buns….phew it was worth all the efforts !

I have to thank Grace of Kitchen Corner for her generosity in sharing this bun making using the water-roux method. I am eager to try this method out for she shared in post how soft and fluffy those buns were , and needless to say I actually caught the fever from her :)) I can't wait till the weekend to try out her cheese bread strips ( of course, unlike hers, mine are shaped like hot dog rolls :)…. I am terrible when it comes to the art of shaping buns ) and after dinner I got all my stuffs ready and as usual Daddy will be hovering over my shoulder and asking questions " what buns are you making this time ? making the buns for me ? " I just answered “ ya ya for you ” * but actually my Piggies were on their way back for their 1 week exam break * they will definitely ransack for goodies to munch on and these buns would be great for them… “ exam break” always make them hungry:p They think more of food than books :p Yay, my Piggies are back so I can carry on baking more stuffs * wink,wink.

Bun making using the water-roux method is actually great…it makes the bun texture very soft , light and fluffy….P*E*R*F*E*C*T for people who love soft buns..:))) Thanks Grace , for sharing this with us. I love this and I think I will baking some more tonight coz I won’t allow the remnant water-roux to turn grey in the fridge :P What Grace said is so true…one can get addicted to it…I am addicted to it now…Watch out , my other half… more buns are coming your way!

For the toppings, beside grated cheddar cheese , I added some dried rosemary and some paprika. The aroma coming from these combinations while baking was really good….:p really, it was good! The good news is... the buns still remained soft in air-tight container the next day!

mix 250gm water with 50gm bread flour and
cook over low heat to get water- roux

mine didn't turn out like cheesy bread strips
but more like hot dog rolls :p

Slightly burnt on the surface but still taste good
Piggy boy likes it this way :)

simply delectable buns....I am addicted to the soft cottony
texture of the bun...the herbs and cheese add flavor
to the buns

soft, light and fluffy..Mmmmm yummy!

Thanks Grace of Kitchen Corner for this wonderful recipe :)
Hop over to her blog for the recipe



  1. Wow. I am going to mack this...Thank you so much for posting.
    This is the reason I missed your site so much while on vaca.

  2. I came across this method and am dying to try it out. The buns look so soft and fluffy!

  3. Nothing beats homemade buns, I wish I know how to knead a dough propery, lol! I just lack the patience, haha

  4. Your buns always looks so mouth watering. Makes me wanna reach into my comp screen and take a bite. :P

  5. Those rolls looks so soft and flavorful. I know that I wouldn't be able to eat just one.

  6. @ Miranda : Thanks for dropping by:)) I missed your sharing too! Wow...I need a vacation too, hope you had a wonderful time !

    @Chow and Chatter : haha it is soft and fluffy using this water-roux method.

    @pigpigscorner: Me too, read about it many times but finally just can't wait. Have to try it out..not a disappointment at all!

    @ Kenny T : Hi Kenny, buy a bread maker and I know you will get addicted to homemade bread...haha

    @ Sam : Haha...hope you manage to take a bite off the monitor screen :p

    @ Cookin' Canuck : :) it is addictive...the making and the eating :p

  7. Lovely bread. ;-)
    Water Roux...hehe...Elin, do you know all the "Water Roux" recipes (I invented the term, not the method) are from :-)
    I still remember that non-Chinese speakers asked me what exactly water roux is......

  8. Hi Angie,

    Haha...the term was invented by you ! thanks for telling me that. I will go read up... I thought it was a method :p


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