Monday, July 20, 2009

Cinnamon Walnut Raisin Rolls

The aroma of buns baking in the oven is simply divine. The whole house would be filled with the smell of freshly baked buns for the whole night...the best aromatherapy for me :))

Each time my Piggies come home, I will bake buns for them to take back for their breakfast and supper and they love it. The best way to make them happy is bake them buns! All I have to do is to pick one basic dough from all my bun recipes, improvise a bit, and a new bun is born! This time, I baked Cinnamon Walnut Raisin Rolls. It was delicious and of course my Piggies were happy when they took in the aroma of cinnamon emanating from the oven, they knew what was coming. Cinnamon is the family favourite. Cinnamon in apple pies and cakes and curries so for this time it is buns/rolls :))

I baked some sausage buns for Piggy boy, for it is his all time favourite and I also baked some garlic butter buns for them both . See , from one simple basic bun dough I created 3 varieties… I love baking buns when I am not stuck to the idiot box :p

Here are the buns/roll I baked for the Piggies over the weekend. Soft, light and delicious buns to satiate their hungry stomach :p The way to my Piggies’ heart is through the stomach…haha very aptly phrased :)) I wished I had baked more so that I could share some with my Piggy Cuz. So , for the time being P C will juz have to drool from her monitor screen :p

brush on the surface of rolled out dough with butter,
sprinkle natural molasses sugar or brown sugar
and cinnamon powder and chopped roasted walnuts
and raisins evenly on the surface

roll into a swiss roll and cut into 6 equal pieces,
place them in greased muffins pan and baked
at 200 ̊ C for 15 minutes till evenly browned

sun tanned gorgeous looking cinnamon walnuts raisin rolls :p

3 varieties of delicious mouth-watering buns/rolls
top left : sausage buns
bottom left : cinnamon, walnut & raisin rolls
bottom right: garlic butter buns

these are the buns I baked over the last weekend
The Piggies will be well fed for the next few days :p
No perservatives and no improver ...healthy homebaked goodies !

I used the garlic bun recipe

Edited :
P/s This post made it to Foodbuzz Today's Top 9 ( 22th July, 2009):)))
Thank you for all the buzzes :))))



  1. I like the smell of cinnamon buns... dont ask about the taste... it's always fabulous.. this pics really make me hungry. huhuu

  2. I have some friends coming over next weekend and I think i'm going to try your recipe for the brunch. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those are beautiful! Wish we had some right now with our morning coffee. Good one. Thanks, s

  4. wow.. looks really great.. how long did the whole process take?

  5. Love the idea, they look great1

  6. I like cinnamon rolls...they are good especially good in the morning with a cup of hot tea...

    Life can be just easy and delicious...
    Angie's Recipes

  7. I like the smell of cinnamon very much! as well as walnut and raisin, this is such a good combination. I like to try to make this buns soon. It looks really yummy to go with a cup of coffee for the afternoon tea! Cheers!

  8. looks addictive stuff. perfect for breakfast/tea break.

  9. You are really great. I do not usually bake....

  10. U are one bun lady!!! looks absolutely gorgeous. I have yet to make the choc swirl bun....m out of yeast...good excuse huh.:)

  11. @ blogresipi: :) oopps so sorry, I can't resist posting them up..haha they are mouth-watering no doubt:P

    @ mathildescuisine: You are welcome, Mathilde. I hope you will it :)

    @s.stockwell : Hi SS, pls help urself to them :p. Do try out the have no regrets since it is summer now.

    @ tracieMoo : It took me about 3 hrs to do the whole lot. From proofing the dough to baking :)

    @ Christelle : Thanks :)

    @ Angie's Recipes : I agree with you...for me a hot cuppa of black coffee...makes my day!

    @ Kitchen Corner: Hi, do try have no regrets..haha with a cuppa of hot coffee with those cinnamon rolls...mmmm

    @ J2kfm : Hi, yup my Piggies are addicted to to keep them happy too ! :p

    @ Soo Sean: Baking is a passion growing fiercely every seconds of my life :p

    @ Zurin : Zurin dear, I love making buns....hahaha I get the 'money can't buy satisfaction ' each time the buns turned out nice. I am hooked already haha I look forward to your chocolate better get the butt off the seat :p

  12. What a perfect size! I'm certain that my family would gobble these up in no time flat.

  13. Best for teatime and breakfast!

  14. Holy Yum!!! Your cinnamon buns look divine! I am definitely going to have to try 4 little ones would devour them. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I see why it made Top 9, these look great! I could go for one right now.

  16. @ pinkstripe : thanks :)

    @ Cookin' Canuck : I am sure I will love these rolls...they will gobble up in a few seconds :p

    @ ck lam : haha yup good for breakfast and tea breaks :)

    @ Christy : Pls make for them , now that its summer time best for making buns and rolls. They will love it :)

    @ Natalie : Hi Natalie, thanks, they are indeed delicious :)


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