Sunday, June 14, 2009

Malaysian Honeycomb Cake

I tried making this Malaysian Honeycomb Cake and to my surprised it was quite easy to make and it tasted very nice but a few pointers we have take note, that is the baking time , it must be at least 1 hour , why?? So that more tunnels or honeycomb texture can be formed . And to remember to allow the cake mixture to rest at least 10 minutes before baking, so as to allow the baking soda to work on the cake mixture. And to have a lighter texture, fold in the flour and caramel syrup to the egg mixture using a spatula and not a cake mixer. I realised that this cake is actually easy as ABC and yummilicious too. I will be making this for my next pot bless party :)

This cake has a beautiful fragrance, that of the caramelised sugar and it has a beautiful honeycomb/tunnels and a chewy texture. Thumbs up for this Malaysian Honeycomb Cake !

I found this beautiful step-by-step video demo on U-tube. Here is the link if you are interested to try this out. I hope you will enjoy this cake as much as I do. Piggy gal came back and ate almost the whole cake, the rest she took back to KL ..that’s why I love having her back….she slurps everything up whether my bakes turned out well or not….:P and this trip back she requested for more buns…garlic buns, sausage buns and roll bacon buns and buns with cheese /bacon filling….so a weekend filled with bakings and the whole house smell like a bakery alright. I baked till 2am last nite becoz I went to attend a wake service. Came back and started baking the 2nd batch for my Piggy boy. He loves my sausage buns, so how could this wicked Momsie leave him out! ;P I made extra for Piggy gal ‘s room mate Kim too coz she too loves the buns… will blog about the buns in my next post.

after 1 hour of baking ....smell wonderful

I was impressed with the many tunnels formed,
looks like honeycomb alrite...I skipped around
like a little girl having her first piece of cake! ^ *

a light and chewy honeycomb cake :)

are you impressed with the
honeycomb/tunnels texture in the cake ? :P

I hope to make a better one next round,
I am very happy with this result being
my first try :))))
beaming the whole time....silly rite , but it sure

feels good for me!


  1. Oh! Looks yummy! The honeycomb texture is really beautiful!!!

  2. yes, i'm definitely impressed with the texture. i love the way this looks

  3. oh yum! does it taste like honey?

  4. Since you said it's not difficult to make, I'll try it out once I got all the ingredients. :)

  5. looks like ma lai koh from dim sum outlets. :)

    slightly darker.

  6. @ Pei-Lin : Hi :) thanks, I am thrilled coz there are some who tried to bake this cake but the honeycombs are formed only at the bottom and a spongy top. I am lucky I guess :))

    @ Justin : Hi Justin, me too am very impressed with the outcome :)

    @ Pearl : Hi sugar taste, it is sweetish with a tinge of burnt sugar after taste and has a chewy texture...yum yummy :)

    @ Angie's Recipes : Yup, this cake is perfect with a cuppa of tea or coffee :)

    @ Little Inbox : Hi Lil Inbox, just follow the steps as shown in the u-tube video, you will get it right...easy to make and taste good. :)

    @J2Kfm : Hi J2, is totally different from the dim sum Mah Lai Koh , this cake has a chewy texture and a slight burnt sugar after taste whereas the dim sum ones are just spongy though it has the honeycomb texture. The Malays called it Kek Gula Hangus :))

  7. My family doesn't like the cakes to be too sweet. Is this cake fairly sweet? Should I cut down the sugar in the recipe?

  8. I've never had this before! It looks so good and I'd love to taste that caramelized sugar flavor.

  9. @ Han Han : Nope it is not sweet..just nice.

    @ Tangled Noodle : Haha...its the caramelised sugar that gave thecake the beautiful taste. Absolutely yummilicious! :)))

  10. Wow.. this is looking great. i think it taste like honey.

  11. Hi,
    May i hv the recipe pls? thks

  12. Hi, I made this honeycomb cake from exactly the same recipe/ youtube you checked out. It's from fellow blogger(s) "House of Annie". And it works all the time. Yes, as you said, easy as well.
    I like your blog and will be passing by more often...


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