Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mango Swiss Roll

Though swiss roll/sponge cake is the easiest to make compared to other types of cakes , it is not easy to achieve the soft and fluffy texture. The whipping of egg whites with the sugar plays a very important role in getting a soft and light swiss roll or sponge cake . It took me many tries to get to this stage whereby the sponge cake came out soft and light. I remembered the early times I did it, the cake was compact. I even went for classes, came back , tried it many times, still it didn’t come out soft and light like this one. The truth lies with the whipping of the egg whites with the cream of tartar and sugar and the folding in of the two mixture is also very important :)

I am very happy with this lastest try in making this swiss roll..haha practice makes perfect I guess, to achieve this texture and that the swiss roll did not break in the center . A few fine crack lines can be seen on the roll though ;p Overall, I was happy and satisfied with the result and thus you see my first successful swiss roll, of course please don’t compare me with the pros (“,)

My Piggies love mango, so since I was free last weekend, I tried my hand at making this mango swissroll….hip hip hooray…I got it right this time, Daddy agreed that it was good too….* grinning like a Cheshire cat now ^ *

I realized that I have to roll the sponge cake when it is still warm till it cooled down and then unrolled the sponge cake so that it is easier to roll it again when the fillings are there and I think, done this way, the sponge cake will not break so easily. This mango filling goes well with the swiss roll as it was not overly sweet. I took the recipe from Suanne & Ben Food & Travel Adventures ^ *

Good news for My Piggies … now you can have swiss roll with any fillings…durians anyone ?? ^____^



  1. looks so delicious, i miss home....sigh

  2. Hi Josh * hugs**

    Will make for u when u cum back this weekend! Ur wish is my command (",)

    Miss homecooked food? ^ *

  3. That is a good looking swiss roll you got there. I always thought making sponge was something hard to do but after trying it out myself, it's definitely all in the egg whites ;)

  4. I love mangoes and this swiss roll looks so delicous.
    Would love to have double portions

  5. Beautiful!! I'd like a slice right now!!!

  6. Dear Elin!
    Thank you for your concern!
    I'm back on my two (short) legs!
    First peel the renkon and cut them into thin slices.
    Lightly wash them and drain.
    Put them inside kitchen paper to take all water off.
    Throw them in deep or shallow oil heated to 180 degrees and cook until colour change.
    Take them out and leave them on a kitchen paper for a minute.
    Throw them again in the oil and cook until golden brown.
    Take them out and leave them on a kitchen paper for a little while.
    Serve hot or cold!

  7. @ Expedited Writer: Thanks for dropping by. Yup, definitely all in the egg whites :)

    @ Happy Cook : Haha..here are your double portions..cheers!

    @ The Food Librarian : Thanks for dropping by and your kind comment...here's a slice for you ;p

  8. Hi Robert,

    Thankies so much for the renkon recipe. heehee will be making it this weekend when the Piggies are back. They will definitely love it.


  9. I didn't know that making swiss roll could be this easy. I've always thought that making swiss roll needs a lot of effort. But I agree that to achieve a perfect eggwhite texture needs a lot of practice (and sweats :P )Hehe~

    Erm~ Durians? I'm gonna have to pass. Hehe~

    Thanks for sharing, Elin! Your swiss roll looks yummilicious :P" I'm drooling on my keyboard already. Haha!

  10. Hey Shirley,

    Nice of u to drop by and your kind words really give me the boost ;p

    It looks easy but to get the soft and light texture you have to know the technique when whipping the egg whites with the sugar...haha over-whipping and over-folding will give you a compact texture...haha practice makes perfect in this case :)

    Thanks ya ^ *

  11. Homemade swiss roll sure comes with lots of mango...looks yummy.

  12. yummy....mangoes in a swiss concoction....when r we gonna get to try that....*ahem ahem*...dropping heavy hints now...

  13. I have yet to try bakind swiss roll or sponge cake. Looking at yours, drooling liao.

  14. @ ck lam : Haha..yup, I make sure I put in lots of mango...that's why homemade one tastes much better ;p

    @ joanna : Your wish is my command ^ *

    @ little inbox : Try making it, I am sure you will like it ^ *

  15. Came across your blog from Gertrude. The swiss roll looks good and I am going to try that and add the durian cream in it. My kids will love it.

  16. Ummm Just love your mango swiss roll. Thanks for posting the recipe.



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