Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Garlic Bread Fan Tan Rolls

How could I resist this garlic bread when I read the recipe from dailydelicious’s blog…this Momsie can never resist making bun coz it gives me great pleasure, kneading the dough into a pliable dough…and the joy of witnessing the dough turned into golden brown pieces of delectable buns. Needless to say I like my house to smell of freshly baked buns…hmmm can’t describe the feelings to you guys at all unless you too love to bake like me then you will know what I mean (“,)

I love dailydelicious coz she takes the trouble to show us step by step the way to make the buns and I love her generosity in sharing her recipes and tips. Over here we can’t get bun/breads books that are good. Looks like I have to order through soon :))

This garlic bread is indeed a keeper and the smell ,as it is baking in the hot oven , is even fantastic if you love garlicky butter and parsley blend together. It is so aromatic even as I am typing this out I could smell it from my tupper. I brought some to the office for my breakfast…it sure taste good with a cuppa of hot Nescafe….life is wonderful juz thinking of simple things like this…food keeps us alive and too good a food will probably kill us too…slowly… I mean..haha just crapping. This bread is slightly different coz the dough uses shortening instead of butter . The bun skin is crispier than normal bun so I guess the shortening has some effect on the bun I guess :)) heehee must ask dailydelicious this question.

Anyway, this recipe is a keeper for sure and I tell you if you are a bun lover you will definitely love it….try it to believe it ^___* and thanks Pook for sharing such a wonderful recipe and looking forward to more bun/bread recipes from you (“,)

Have a nice day^__^



  1. Hi, Elinluv
    The outside can be a bit crispy, but the inside will be soft.
    I'm so happy that you like it. (^_^)

  2. Hey Pook,

    Nice of you to drop by . I love it :))). Mine kind of look overbaked :p but it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Thumbs up.

  3. I love them, they look so tasty!

  4. Such creativity! This looks amazing and I'm sure tastes it too.


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