Sunday, October 12, 2008

Focaccia - My 1st Attempt

I finally managed to find some time to try out this Focaccia recipe by dailydelicious. I am an ardent fan of her blog and I love to try out all her tested recipes which she so generously shared on her blog. Her food photos do inspired me to try them out. And I have a long long To-Do list from her blog alone :))))) which I think will last me a year of baking.

I, somehow being the too smart me , rolled the dough to a thin sheet, thus the end result, a Focaccia that was chewy but tasty … the 2nd piece was thicker , came out not chewy . Becoz I was chatting with the Piggy Ernest, the Focaccia got slightly burnt…heehee * wink , wink, we were discussing about the gold prices shooting up (“,) . I didn’t get burnt but my Focaccia got burnt. Must never get distracted when something is baking in the oven. :)))

I used some almost dried up fresh thyme ( kept in the fridge and forgotten about ) and it still usable. The combination of fresh herb and the olive oil was great. As usual, no regret testing out this recipe. I must remember not to roll to a thin sheet , should be about ¼" each thick. I will try this recipe again till I manage to get to the right texture. Practice makes perfect!

It was fun putting a dent to the dough and placing each
dent with a piece of black olive (",)

the 1st piece - nice even color

Tasted like crispy thin pizza crust when I rolled
it to a thin sheet.


  1. yummy and healthy stuff.
    put ham/cheese next time? :)

  2. Hi j2kfm,

    Hmmm.. good idea. More tasty and nutritious I suppose to add in ham & cheese :) Will try it the next round.

  3. Hey, finally you tried out this recipe, they look great :) Where did u buy your black olive from? I think it's fun baking focaccia, I wanna bake again next time :)

  4. Hi Min,

    I bought the olives from Tesco. Haha I love baking buns and bread. I find it challenging :) Me too, will try again. Fun hor :)


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