Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Irish Cream Liqueur Ice Cream With Chocolate Shavings

I have lotz of chocolate in the pantry and I have to use them up fast coz their expiry dates are quite close and most of the time uses them for cakes only , I put on my thinking cap and … I have an idea ! Why not use them for ice cream ??? Why not use Kieran’s Irish Cream Liqueur Ice Cream recipe and juz add in the magic chocolate shavings for extra flavor ? Yup, I did just that and let’s see how it turned out. I reduced the sugar by half coz the bailey is sweet already and the chocolate shavings even sweeter ( I do not have the bitter ones juz the normal semi-sweet type) I added in the chocolate shavings only on the last final whipping. ( That is, if you are doing it without a ice machine )

Needless for me to enlighten you how wonderful and yummilicious every mouthful was. I absolutely LOVE THIS WONDERFUL homemade ice cream by Kieran. Fantastic!!! You get to taste the bailey sweetness and also at the same time , get to taste the chocolatey shavings.....one word to describe this - “SUPERYUMMILICIOUS” :)))))

Irish Cream Liqueur Ice-Cream With Chocolate Shavings


1 cup Sugar ( I use 1/2 cup)
5 Egg Yolks
1 3/8 Cups Cream
1 1/8 Cups Milk
2Tablespoons Irish Cream Liqueur (we suggest Baileys, and you can add a bit more if you want, but if you add too much, the ice cream will be very soft and melt quickly...)
Chocolate shavings - 1/2cup


1. Beat the sugar and egg yolks together until thick and pale yellow.
2 . Bring the milk to a simmer. Remove from the heat.
3. Beat the milk into the eggs and sugar in a slow stream.
4. Pour the mixture back into pan and place over low heat.
5. Stir until the custard thickens (around 60C).
6. Allow the custard to cool.
7. Mix in the cream and the liqueur, beating for one minute. Add in the chocolate shavings last.
( If without ice machine, add in on the last final whipping)
8. Freeze using a domestic ice cream machine, or cover and place in the freezer.

Notes: 1. Make sure you add the liqueur when the mixture is cool, or the alcohol will evaporate.
2. To pasteurise the eggs, heat the custard to 73C and keep at that temperature for three minutes. Use a cooking thermometer, though, and keep stirring! If the custard goes any higher than 76C, the eggs will scramble. Immediately cover and place in the freezer until cool.



  1. Yummy. The ice cream looks so tempting to me. I luv ice cream...

  2. Hi Allie,

    Yup it is yummy. A perfect match of Bailey and Chocolate :)

  3. Just recently I crave for ice-cream. How good if I'm like you, able to make own ice-cream.

  4. Hi Little Inbox,

    You can , coz it is easy to make. You dun need an ice machine. Haha..who knows afta making ur own you will not want other ice cream except homemade!! (",)

    I am now very crazy over homemade ones coz I can control the sweetness and can make variety flavor :) and it is smooth and creamy.


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